ProxyCap 5.35

It helps you to redirect your computer's connections through proxy servers
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ProxyCap is a famous program that enables you to force any application to use a socks or a proxy to connect to the Internet, and which will hide your real IP address. The program is extremely easy to use: all you need to do is to load it with your HTTPS, socks V4 and socks V5 and enter login information for authentication-based proxies. Then go to the rules tab and add a new rule. While adding a new rule, you will have the choice of a number of proxy servers from the list of the already loaded proxies, then you can apply the selected proxy to all programs or to the program that you like by browsing your computer for the .EXE file of that application.

Additionally, you can set destination IP and port so you can setup a tunneling channel. All rules can be disabled and enabled without the need to delete or recreate them again. Error logs can be enabled or disabled through the miscellaneous settings tab. The program comes with a detailed help file that tells you in detail how to manage proxies and setup tunneling rules.

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  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista


  • Trial version expires after 30 days
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